Advice and Network

Information about Curacao

Curaçao offers the following benefits to international business:

  • A strategic and safe location, outside the hurricane belt, making Curaçao an excellent distribution center for the Caribbean area, South, Central and North America and the European Union.
  • A well-developed harbor including a natural deep sea port, container terminal and dry dock with multiple connections from/to the Caribbean region as well as from/to South, Central and North America and the European Union.
  • An international airport with excellent air connections from to the Caribbean region as well as from/to South, Central, North America and the European Union.
  • An excellent developed financial services sector, home to many of the world’s leading financial institutions.
  • A state-of-the-art telecommunication infrastructure with high speed internet access. Curaçao is located at the crossroads of the latest high capacity Caribbean submarine fiber-cable networks like Arcos 1, PanAm and Americas II, providing ample bandwidth while maintaining redundant connectivity options to/from the island.
  • Fully developed business parks with flexible multi-purpose buildings.
  • Special tax incentives for enterprises operating in Free Zone Curaçao. These are part of a wide range of legal and financial benefits which include asset protection, tax minimization, privacy and investment diversification.
  • There are incentives supporting companies (IT centers, tax incentives on inward capital investment, investment allowances, Expatriate exemptions on income tax, E-Zones, etc).
  • Curaçao being part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands provides special access to the European Union.
  • A stable parliamentary democracy.
  • An independent and high-quality Dutch legal system.
  • A high standard of education, based on the Dutch educational system. Each graduate from secondary school is proficient in at least three official languages: English, Dutch and Spanish.
  • A friendly multilingual population, a safe living and working environment.

We are at your service…

When interested in investing in Curacao, you will have to deal with several departments of the authorities. Naturally, you will want to take advantage of your stay and use your time as efficient as possible.

We offer you personal guidance throughout your visit, we are re-known with the island’s customs and habits, we can show you the way perfectly and we possess an extensive network at your disposal. We are also available for practical issues, such as transportation from your hotel to your business appointments. A part from that, we can also facilitate formal introductions to government institutions, banks, accountants, tax consultants, law firms, trust companies…whenever these are not in your network.

Curacao Brokerage offers to foreign investors and entrepreneurs, personalized assistance and professional guidance in Curacao.

We provide:
Honest and independent advice.
Anticipation on issues you will have to deal with.
Thinking with and for you as well as brainstorming on your plans.

Concretely we have answers on all your questions about:

  • The island of Curacao
  • Investment opportunities
  • Real Estate, both residential and commercial
  • Mortgages

It’s our mission is to make your orientation trip on our beautiful island as productive, efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Our network on Curacao

Our network will become your network!

With our wealth of real estate experience and knowledge, Curacao Brokerage is your best real estate partner in developing and executing your real estate plans in Curacao. We have an extensive and trusted network of real estate partners, including financing and lending advisors, interior designers and specialized construction material providers, solar panel and LED lighting providers, all made available to you through Curacao Brokerage. 

Our network in The US and around the world

Curacao Brokerage is partnering with the US-based Global Project Management, Consulting and Finance, LTD (GPMCF).

The GPMCF organization is recognized nationally and internationally and specializes in mergers and acquisitions, Financial and Structured Financing solutions, alternative risk management, project management, off shore management and wealth management. 

GPMCF has experience working on large global projects with American and international corporations. These projects span a wide range of industries, from the abovementioned sectors to alternative energy, and on and offshore energy and real estate. In addition, GPMCF has been involved in large construction projects, the Oil and Gas industry and financial institutions around the world. This organization has many years of experience in providing consulting services to companies, high net worth individuals, governments and other entities.

Maarten Mobach, the founder of GPMCF, has over 30 years of experience working with a wide range of global clients. His team consists of a select group of specialized and experienced professionals and a global network of strategic partnershios, and he manages the development of projects and companies for GPMCF worldwide.

GPMCF has been focused on developing global market alliances through strategic partnerships and, through these, can provide you with access to services and information that will help you develop your concept and realize your ultimate solution.